Akusztika Environmental Doha WLL., the Qatari joint venture of Akusztika Mérnöki Iroda Ltd.(Hungary) offers a broad scale of engineering-expert services in all areas of environmental protection and work safety to its clients and customers since 2013.

The company’s sampling and measuring activities follow the required Qatari standards, as well as the EU (HU, UK, etc.) and US ones. Besides accredited environmental and work safety measurements and samplings we undertake planning and construction of noise-and vibration reduction systems and computerized modeling of noise and air pollution with widespread national and international references. Together with our local and Hungarian partners we are capable conducting the comprehensive EIA of planned investments, or environmental audit of existing facilities, a well as thinking together with our clients (from business to government) on their environmental policy and strategic planning issues, too.

Akusztika Environmental Doha W.L.L.

Qatar P.O Box 18885, Al Nasser Area Al Amir Street, Building Number 44.

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István Őri - general director, representative in Qatar

E-Mail: istvan.ori@akusztika.com

Mobile: +974 55061384
Tel/Fax: +974 44320353

Ervin Kanász Szabo - Managing Director, Expert of Environmental Protection

E-mail: ervin.kanasz.szabo@akusztika.com
Mobile in EU: +36 30 654 3033

Attila Tan – Owner, Acoustic and Vibration Expert

E-mail: attila.tan@akusztika.com
Mobile in EU: +36 30 227 1329

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